One Green Deed Spawns Another

ABOUT: This book is twofold in origin: the unusual path I followed to become environmentally active brought me in contact with some exceptional individuals. Some are as well-known as celebrities; others have flown under the radar. All of them have equally distinctive stories that have inspired me and influenced my philosophy on our relationship to our habitat and fellow species. This book is a compilation of these poignant moments with my environmental heroes and friends and their insightful ideas, and a tribute to the spirit of Earth’s active stewards.       ISBN 978-0-9994876-9-3
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Kings of a Lonely Kingdom: Earth Day Essays, Poems and Musings on Nature

Coming Summer 2021

Excerpt:-  "As I began to comprehend the delicate balance that exists in nature, the feelings only intensified. We have yet to map out our home, our living ecosystem, for its bountiful membership in this elite experience of life. It occurred to me that from my earliest days, conservation was a dramatic underlying theme."

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One Green Deed Spawns Another

Reader Comments

I am enjoying your book immensely. I’m loving reading the different stories...where people are coming from, what they’ve done. And it was fascinating to read about you, Olive Designs and your work with sustainable furnishings. You’ve been in this environmental field for quite a while, your knowledge is extensive and I’m enjoying the dialogue between you and your ‘subjects’. Definitely a good, educational and inspiring read!   



This is a timely book for those who are interested in more meaningful work.  An inspirational journey that reveals to us how the good deeds of others can influence us to make a heartfelt commitment towards the greater good.  Enjoy!     



This read is interesting, engaging and empowering as to what can be done from an individual standpoint to globally. I hope for every reader of this beautiful dialogue, a reaction, or better yet, a desire will be elicited from them if not already, to do one green deed.


Great to read your " Green Deed " book. Super work indeed. If I were still teaching Soc. & Econ., I would use it for sure! Studs Terkel would be proud of you!


I just wanted to tell you that I bought your book last fall, and read it and enjoyed it. 


I have kind of an environmentalist bent, so I really appreciated and enjoyed it!  I hope to get to the Beasley Turtle Rescue Center some day, and other parts of the book were also very inspiring.


I love your writing voice, and I’m definitely being educated by reading your words and those from the people you’ve interviewed.  Well done!



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