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Excerpts from One Green Deed Spawns Another: Tales of Inspiration on the Quest for Sustainability 

Dr. Mark Westneat
" I really think that if humans can’t somehow succeed in saving some of the rainforests and the coral reefs of the world that we will have failed miserably in our civilization." 
-Dr. Mark Westneat
Jean Beasley
"And then of course the other one is the awareness of our role, every single person’s role, in reversing the degradation of our planet. I see hope in that, and I think we need to stress the good things that can happen, and that there can be successes."
-Jean Beasley
Susan Inglis
"That is an important thing to teach, to reveal, to emphasize—that the real success will be finding ways of generating income there that will stay there. That does happen in making best use of the resources at hand rather than doing away with any of those resources."
-​Susan Inglis
Dr. Woodwell at WHRC lobby.jpg
"It's going to take coordinated action, mutual respect, and life by the Golden Rule to establish a circumstance where people can live in a finite world and enjoy expanding influence on their lives and environment."
-George M. Woodwell
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