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Wilson Bookstore, Wooster.jpg
Book Image with Fred at Sundance.jpg
South Main Book Co. and Wendy.jpeg
Chris and I over Labor Day Weekend.jpg
Sigs at the Book Loft.JPG
Book Loft of German Village 11.jpg
Meg and Barb at Powell's City of Books.J
Cabot Street Books Storefront.jpg
Katie at Powell's City of Books.jpeg
Off the Shelf Pic.jpg
Guest lecturing at College of Wooster ES

Powell's City of Books with Barb and Meg McGrath

Florence O. Wilson Bookstore, Wooster OH

Sundance Books, Geneseo, NY with Fred Mingrino 

Doylestown Books, Doylestown, PA with Chris Coloracci

South Main Book Company, Salisbury, NC with Wendy Beeker 

Book Loft of German Village, Columbus, OH

Book Loft of German Village, Columbus, OH with Mike Phelps, Nick Lungociu, Chip Patzer

Powell's City of Books with Katie Lovell

Cabot St. Books & Cards, Beverly, MA

Porter Sq. Books, Cambridge, MA with Frances Moore Lappe

Off the Shelf Video Productions, Danvers, MA with host, Veronica Andrews

Porter Square Books Selfie II.jpg
Partners Village Photo with

Partners Village Store, Westport, MA with Elizabeth Lane

BDNY 2018 I.jpeg

Javits Center, NYC with Lynda Sullivan

Guest Lecture, College of Wooster

I enjoyed my visit to the BookBar in Den

BookBar Denver, CO with Alex Mahood

Book Award Photo

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