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Environmental Musings

I get asked most about how I became so passionate about environmental issues.  I can’t actually remember the day but I recall what it was.   I read an article in National Geographic, a groundbreaking article about sea turtles.  I had no idea how fragile their existence was in nature.  It was alarming.  In a virtual minute of our species' existence, we have endangered this prehistoric creature. How could they be endangered?  Isn’t there enough sand and water to go around, I thought?​

I am now, what I didn’t self-diagnose many years ago, a biophiliac.  There is neither medication nor treatment for my illness.  I have an innate love for our fellow species, which is the main symptom of my illness.           2002


Excerpt from NEWH Award of Excellence Acceptance Speech

I gave in January, 2011.


Motto of a Sustainable Earth:


To make freshwater free, clean air communal.

To cool our atmospheric coils.

To repaint our reefs, restock our streams.

To keep the stripes on tigers, the paddles on sea cows.

To keep ice on the ground, birds in the sky.

To offset not upset.

To reduce, reuse, recycle but mostly react.


One “Green” Deed Spawns Another.

We have passed beyond the stage of choices without consequences and have entered into a period of habitat reconstruction. We must rethink the products we make and the places we build to ensure that our gifts to  nature are not ever-lasting.  


Moderating a Green Voice roundtable discussion in 2012,

from L - R,  Jeanne Varney, Susan Inglis, Herve̕ Houdre̕ 

and Katie Fernholz.

Goodwill should be sustainable but it isn’t. Nor is marketing nature, She doesn’t need our promotion but our careful hands.



Moderating the Green Voice roundtable discussion in 2014 at HD Expo with from L-R, Susan Wolfla, Cindy Ortega, Tom Herlihy, and Dina Belon.

NEWH Green Voice 2016 interview with Dr. Max Holmes,  Woodwell Climate Research Center

I have always been a proponent of the concept of biomimicry.  As I say often, there is no such thing as better nature through chemistry.  Its origin remains the best chemical equation of all time.                  


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